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The Asbestos Condition in Florida

danger sign lg.jpgFrom as early as the 1930s until as late as the late 1970s asbestos manufacturing companies knowingly allowed countless individuals to be exposed to a potentially lethal fiber; Asbestos. According to OSHA, Asbestos is the name given to a group of six (6) naturally occurring minerals used in certain products, such as building materials and vehicle brakes, to resist heat and corrosion. Still today entering into the year 2012, we continue to search for a way to repair the damage done, and control the damage to the future.

florida-county-map.gifIn Florida, we have reviewed past legislation, amended statutes, cracked down on unconscientious builders who ignore the rules in place to assure the safety of innocent bystanders, acknowledged the need for clean-up and taken action, and justly award compensation to those who have fallen victim to asbestos exposure. And finally, we organize events to bring to light the problem, offer awareness and hope and maybe a CURE.

Thumbnail image for ancient-antique-scroll-on-white-background-israel.jpg2011 Florida Supreme Court justly said Florida’s asbestos litigation reform act violates the constitutional rights of Floridians injured by asbestos products. American Optical Corp. et al. v. Spiewak et al. concluded in a decision that Found That The Law Requiring Plaintiffs To Show “Physical impairment” Before They Could Pursue Asbestos-Related Lawsuits Violates Constitutional Due-Process Rights
Florida Statutes Chapter 469 Asbestos Abatement address clean-up procedures and requires strict precautions be taken to protect those who are literally left in its dust. The Northeast Florida Safety Council and The University of Southern Florida, as well as many other organizations, offer Safety Programs with invaluable instruction.

Three Pinellas County developers connected with SUN VISTA DEVELOPMENT GROUP were found guilty of violating federal environmental laws concerning asbestos disposal from construction sites. the maximum penalty for each guilty count is a $250,000 fine and five years in jail. This is more than just a slap on the wrist and will hopefully send a message loud and clear.

Mayor Judy Paul of Davie made the decision that the asbestos-laden pipes in a closed mobile home park had got to go. Florida has called for at least a $30,000 clean-up to remove the hazardous and toxic pipes, which were once part of a mobile home park that supplied drinking water and served as sewer lines.

A Dade County jury in Florida has awarded Charles Garrison, a victim of mesothelioma $21 million after they determined he was exposed to dangerous asbestos while working at a Georgia Pacific compound.

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