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Labor Day: Take A Moment to Remember the Laborers Unknowing Exposed to Asbestos.

hardhat.jpgAccording to Wikipedia, Labor Day is:

A United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September, that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. It was first nationally recognized in 1894 to placate unionists following the Pullman Strike. With the decline in union membership, the holiday is generally viewed as a time for barbeques and the end of summer vacations.

This Labor Day, take a moment to remember the workers who were unknowingly exposed to asbestos and those who subsequently lost their lives as a result. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “about 125 million people in the world are exposed to asbestos at the workplace.” 107,000 of them will die.

Occupational exposure or exposure at the workplace is the most common incidence of asbestos exposure. There is also secondary exposure resulting from contact with a second person, usually a spouse, parent or child that brings asbestos home on their clothes and or personal belongings. Finally, bystander exposure is exposure from a nearby location at which asbestos becomes airborne and inhaled even though the exposed person did not work directly with the asbestos or asbestos containing product.

Historically, mining trades posed the highest risk of asbestos exposure. Although asbestos is no longer mined in the United States, not all countries have stopped taking the dangerous mineral from the earth. After taking mining out of the equation, Construction trades pose the greatest risk of asbestos exposure. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), almost one-quarter of worker deaths caused by asbestosis between the years 1990-1999, were in the construction trades, by far the most dangerous industry in terms of asbestos exposure. Additionally, those in trades related to Ship and boat building and repairing, Industrial and miscellaneous chemicals, Railroads, Painters, Powerhouse workers, Floor coverers, Pot tenders, steel mill workers, Refinery workers, Paper mill workers, Tile setters, Brake and clutch manufacturers and Machinists are at considerable risk.

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